Forms and end use certificates

Below you can download forms and templates for end-use certificates. The pdf files can be opened with a pdf reader, which is free to download and install.



Application for license to transit military equipment


Note: Lincense for transit is not necessary if the transit is a delivery from one EEA country to another EEA country and there is a valid export license from the exporting EEA country.


End use certificates - military equipment

Below are templates for end use certificates. The text is to be copied into the end-users own stationary.

Declaration by End User - to be ordered from the ISP by exporter

End Use Certificate

End User Undertaking

Test Certificate

Small Arms Certificate

Declaration of MANPADS


End use certificates - dual-use products

Below are templates for end user certificates. The text is to be copied into the end-users own stationary. 

Commitment concering reexport and peaceful use

- for civilian end use 

Commitment concerning reexport and peaceful use Iran

- for civilian end use

Declaration of End Use I 

- for export directly to military authorities

Declaration of End Use II 

- for export to companies which supply products to military authorities


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