Our councils

The ISP has three advisory councils connected to the fulfilment of its task.


Export Control Council (ECC)

The ECC is an advisory body consisting of twelve members appointed by the Government. The Moderate and Social Democratic parties have three members each, while the other parties have one member each. ECC members are subject to the same confidentiality provisions as the ISP employees.


All export cases are reported to the Council, as are cases in which the ISP needs advice prior to taking positions concerning new recipient countries or countries where developments require a new assessment.


The chairperson of the council is the ISP Director-General. Representatives of the Swedish Ministry for Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Defence also participate at council meetings.


Technical-Scientific Council (TSC)

The TSC consists of senior management of various academies and technical authorities and assists the ISP in decisions of fundamental significance regarding classification of products and materials. The ISP's Director-General appoints its members.


Strategic Cooperation Council (SCC)

The SCC consists of representatives from the ISP, the Swedish Defence Research Agency, the Swedish National Defence Radio Establishment, Swedish Military Intelligence and the Swedish Security Service and Swedish Customs. The purpose of the Council is to coordinate and allocate non-proliferation resources at management level.


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