The task of the ISP is to control and ensure compliance with legislations concerning military equipment and dual-use products. The ISP also implements a number of sanctions and is the National Authority of the Chemical Weapons Convention.


Control and compliance of military equipment

In Sweden manufacturing, exports and supply of military equipment requires a license. Military training, license manufacturing of Swedish origin commodities, foreign cooperation in the development of military equipment, as well as brokering also requires a license.


Control and compliance of dual-use products

The ISP decides export cases regarding dual-use products. Dual-use products have established civilian functions while they can also be used in the production or facilitation of weapons of mass destruction and other military equipment, or for other military purposes.


Sanctions and embargoes

The ISP is the national authority responsible for applying certain sanctions imposed by the EU, the UN and the OSCE.


The Chemical Weapons Convention

The ISP is the National Authority of the Chemical Weapons Convention (CWC). The CWC prohibits the use and possession of chemical weapons. CWC also includes rules for the destruction of chemical weapons and facilities used for their production. In addition, CWC involves controlling the chemical industry to prevent chemical weapons being produced again.



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