Transit of military equipment or dual-use products

When commodities classified as military equipment are due to be transited through Swedish territory a transit license is required.


No license is required for transit of dual-use products through Sweden. Transit refers to the transport of dual-use products passing through the EU customs territory from one third country to another third country.



A transit license for military equipment is not required when the transit is a shipment from one EEA country to another EEA country and there is a valid export license from the exporting EEA country. The EEA consists of EU member states and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein.


Apply for license to transit

The application is to be made on the form below and submitted via mail or email. The application must consist of


  • clearly identified products
  • product classification according to the Common Military List of the European Union
  • point of entry and point of exit in Sweden
  • date for entry into Sweden
  • full addresses for the exporter and the consignee
  • signature by the applicant
  • copy of the export license from the exporting country when applicable.

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